The Ancient World
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The Journey starts here

Dr Maxine Moore has not only spent her career studying the ancient civilizations, but has also traveled and lived extensively in the regions where they sprang up in order to study what they left behind. The result is the online lecture series The Ancient World.

This spellbinding series of lectures brings ‘dead’ history to life with a wealth of detail, covering artifacts, customs, ambitions, belief systems and pastimes of the procession of cultures which began in the Bronze Age and created the world as it was at the fall of the Byzantine Empire. These were the people on whose shoulders the modern world stands. Their history is crucial for a better understanding of our own age.

“Your illustrations and insights very much make everything come "alive” and make it easier for the viewer (like me) to actually imagine being present in this place or that.”
- Student
“Dr.Maxine is a vivacious and highly intelligent person. She presents herself as a distinct personality, not one of the crowd. In literature and history she is altogether at home, and I recommend her without reservation.”
- Chair, English Department, University of Mass. @ Amherst

Along the way we are treated to a flood of intriguing facts and stories about the Sumerian kingdoms, the tyrants of Mesopotamia, the Biblical history of Israel and the Hebrews, the myth, magic and marvels of ancient Egypt, and the Greek, Roman and Byzantine Empires.

Any student of history, whether casual or dedicated, will discover a wealth of things here that they did not know before. That is because of Dr. Moore’s own unique take on the ancient world, the facts she perceives as important and the threads which she sees as unifying themes in human history.

This fascinating series of lectures has been taught in universities wherever Dr. Moore was on the faculty, and is now available as an online course for the first time. As a former colleague of Dr. Moore’s said, “She injects into her work great originality and creativity and has a quiet sense of humor. She inspires students and commands their respect.”

The Ancient world

This course consists of 8 modules, each containing 100-plus slides with narration by Dr Moore.
Each module lasts about 2-2.5 hours. Total course duration is approximately 20 hours.

  • Introduction to the Ancient World

    Beginnings: Civilization’s Universal Formula, and how the ancient kingdoms of Sumeria emerged from the prehistoric Stone Age.

  • Tyrants of the Bronze and Iron Age

    How Peaceful Sumeria was overrun by its warlike neighbours, the rise of the Akkadian Empire, Babylon, Neo-Babylon and Persia.

  • The Hebrews

    How the books of the Old Testament came to be: the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes, the Levites, and the biblical stories of The Flood and The Promised Land.

  • Ancient Egypt

    Fabulous mineral wealth, a multitude of gods, the world’s longest river, hieroglyphics, pyramids, rich culture and the beginnings of writing: the amazing civilization of Ancient Egypt.

  • Ancient Greece

    Greek influence on modern language, Minoan Crete, Mycenae, Sparta versus Athens, the Golden Age of Athens, the Bankruptcy of Athens and the rise of Alexander the Great.

  • Rome Part One

    The power and the glory: The Aenid, The Regal Era, The Republic, the Legions, Confederation and Hellenization, Octavian and the dawn of the Imperial Era.

  • Rome Part Two: Imperial Rome

    Rome as center of the world, Palestine in the time of Jesus, Nero’s bloody freakshow, the original meaning of fascism, Trajan, Hadrian, Constantine and the Christianization of Rome.

  • Byzantium

    Constantine The Great, Byzantium’s ‘gilded peace’, the Age of Justinian, rise of Islam, Iconoclasm and the Holy Roman Empire, the Sack of Constaninople and the Islamic Sultanate.

Price: $99.00