History of Empires

Who is Dr. Maxine Moore?

Dr. Maxine Moore is a senior humanities lecturer who has spent many years living as a scholar and educator in the the Middle East and Asia Minor. While there, she became fascinated with the ancient cultures of these regions, eventually spending 14 years researching the great civilizations that sprang up, dominated and then faded to make way for new ones. This accumulated research and first-hand knowledge of the locations and artifacts has resulted in the lecture series The Ancient World, which she has delivered in person at various universities in the United States to much acclaim.

Her approach to ancient history is engaging and her enthusiasm is obvious, which brings the ancient world to life. As a former student put it,

“You are a candle in the dark, you light up when you talk with people, you exude this giddy school girl aura. It is really quite amazing to watch, and it is infectious.”

She has lectured at Beirut University College, Lebanese University, Elms College, MA, Western New England College and Florida Gulf Coast University.

Dr. Moore holds a BA in Latin, Greek and French Language & Literature, a MAT in Education, an MA in English Literature & Cultural Studies, and a PhD (Summa cum Laude) in Comparative Literature.

Dr. Maxine Moore

Dr. Maxine Moore